“Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign”*

Signs. They are literally everywhere. They come in all shapes, sizes and with all sorts of intentions. Songs have been written about them. Even a movie was based on signs. Sure, the song came out a long time ago and the movie came out in the ’90s, but that just goes to show how long signs have been making an impact and delivering their message.

We’ve been seeing signs make appearances at parties for years now. And over the years we have seen the purpose and use of signs change. We’ve even seen the types of signs change.  We’ve seen hand-lettered signs let people know where they are sitting or what they are eating.  We’ve seen large wooden cut-out letters that let people know what kind of food station it is.  We’ve seen clear decals used on rented dance floors to make a generic rented dance floor have some personality.  Signs have also been used as part of decor to give events unique flair.

But what we are really predicting to be the next big thing in event decor are customized, personalized signs, especially for events like weddings, celebrations of life or even special birthdays.

Our own wedding, in early 2018, mainly used signs not only to personalize an event space but also to convey who we are as a couple.  We have been using signs for events we have catered and one thing is for sure, people love them.  They are conversation starters.  They are, if done right, a great addition to the decor.

We have an artist that makes customized signs for us that we use for our clients.  But signs are easy to come by.  A lot of event rental companies now have nicely made general signs that you can rent for your event.  You can also find generic signs on websites such as Etsy that you can buy relatively cheaply and then print out and frame.

But what we really see is the next big thing in signs are using machines like a Cricut that produces letters, words, etc. that can be stuck on any surface.  Our signs were made using vinyl labels that were adhered to wood, canvas, foam board and even pieces of metal.  Chances are, you have a crafty friend that has one of these machines.

A wedding should be a very personal expression of the two people getting married.  And there is nothing better to personalize an event than signs.  A couple can have their favorite song or movie quotes put onto a sign.  Bible verses can be added to signs.  The names of the couple or guest of honor can be put on a sign and then kept as a keepsake.  And what is really cool is that once you are done with your event signs, unless you plan to rent them out to other people, you can hang some of your favorite signs in your home.

Want to deliver a message to your guests?  There is no better way to do that than with a sign.  You can let your guests know whatever you want.

Signs can also be used to show the personality of the couple.  We knew and wanted, our wedding would be a party.  We have a crowd of family and friends that enjoy having a drink and a good time, so we used that aspect of personality to make some fun signs about drinking and stories to come.

Menus can even be used as decorative signs and serve the functional purpose of letting people know what they will be eating.  We have an upcoming Star Wars themed wedding.  And we are having some custom menus and signs made to go along with that theme incorporating that particular font style, characters, quote, and even scenes.

Signs have been around for a very long time, and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  And personalized and customized signs are truly a unique and affordable way to put a personal stamp on your special event.  And as we said earlier, we think you are going to be seeing more and more of them.

Check out some more of our signs below!  You can have them at your next party!

*Song lyrics by Five Man Electrical Band

Author: mjkcatering

Award winning catering company in Southern California.

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