Our Chef on TV

Our Chef, Jeff Lavia-Garcia has been a regular on the local cooking show “Community Cooking” for a little over 10 years.  His very first show was recorded back in 2008 where he met and filmed with for the first time, hostess with the mostest, Maria Prekeges.  Jeff made an Italian Grilled Steak and a Panzanilla Salad.  Jeff and Maria had an instant connection and chemistry onscreen and have become friends over the years.  Together they have filmed well over 20 episodes together.  Jeff has also filmed with a couple of the other hosts as well adding up to more episodes than he can remember.

When Jeff first started filming Community Cooking, it was filmed in a local elementary school home economics classroom.  He has seen the show grow over the years to, where now, the show has it’s own set in the studios of Torrance Citi Cable.  The show, Community Cooking, focuses on the Torrance Farmer’s Market and all of the delicious fresh produce.  Guest chefs from the local community are featured on the show providing recipes and ideas that are inspired by this farmer’s market.

A little known fact about our Chef Jeff is that early in his career as a private chef he received a lot of media attention.  In 2008, he was interviewed and featured in a front page article in the LA Times Business Section Sunday Edition.  He was also featured in local magazines like Long Beach Magazine, and a few of his recipes have been published in national newspapers as well as cookbooks like Orange County Fare.  His first national award was given to him in 2008 by a national network of private chefs as a Pacesetter in his industry.  Since this time he has been interviewed and featured in various blogs as well as winning the Long Beach Press Telegram’s 2015 People’s Choice Award for Best Chef in Long Beach.

Community Cooking is filmed in Torrance and produced by Jin Chun.

“It’s always so much fun to film episodes of Community Cooking.  I always look forward to seeing Jin, Maria and the whole crew,” says Lavia-Garcia.

Jeff and Robert, our Creative Director who handles decorating and styling the set and food, are actually getting ready to film two more episodes early next week.  You will be able to see those episodes sometime next year.  We will keep you posted!  Until then, please enjoy the episode below of Community Cooking featuring our very own Chef Jeff.

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Award winning catering company in Southern California.

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